Hard indicators of comfortable home decoration

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When it comes to home decoration, owners will immediately think of letting designers hang beautiful ceilings on their homes, and the walls should also be decorated. It is best to lay wooden floors on the ground &hellip& hellip; It seems that only when you decorate your home like this can you have a face to see people. In the concept of many people, home is a symbol of identity, which has always played an important role in showing others, and its basic living function is often not paid enough attention. Mr. Ni (a pseudonym) has different ideas about home decoration. He believes that home is for himself, not for others. His requirements for home decoration are very simple. He does not require the use of expensive materials, nor does he need luxurious and flashy decoration. He just hopes that the home can make people feel comfortable

Mr. Ni (a pseudonym) has a 90 square meter house with one living room, two bedrooms, one kitchen and one bathroom. There is no special design. Everything is simple and ordinary, but here is the sweet nest of Mr. Ni's family of three. Mr. Ni said that this house was the first one he bought. He and his family participated in the decoration from determining the style and design to buying materials and construction. Although there were no expensive materials and flashy decorations, all parts of the room were made of real materials. Every corner was filled with the love of a family of three. Every detail felt very cordial and made people live very comfortable, Family relations have also changed and become more harmonious

Mr. Ni and his wife are simple people, so they take white as the main tone of their home, including white walls, off white floors, off white cabinets, off white dressers and wardrobes. The TV wall is very simple. The TV is hung on the wall. Two pieces of light green glass are used on the walls on both sides of the TV, which is fashionable and simple. Below the TV is a convex white decorative TV table only 40 cm high. The simple TV wall saves space and makes the living room more modern. The light gray cloth sofa with concave arrangement lies lazily on the other side of the living room. Every night, the three members of the family lean on the sofa and watch TV

in order to buy a sofa, the couple went to the furniture city threeorfour times, and finally chose the sofa they used now. Although it's a little expensive, it's very comfortable to use now. A colorful abstract oil painting makes it the finishing touch of the drawing dragon in the living room, adding a bit of jumping motion to the white and quiet space. Mr. Ni pushed the living room out of the balcony. Bright glass windows were installed around the balcony, so that the sunlight outside the window could penetrate the beige curtains and cast elegant patterns on the beige floor

the most satisfying thing for the couple is the glass wall in the bathroom. Mr. Ni said that at that time, in order to be beautiful, he removed the original brick wall and let the decoration company make a partition with tempered glass. As a result, he found that there were many benefits in this way when he lived in. There was no need to turn on the lights in the closed bathroom at all, and it was the same at night. The weak light of the TV could illuminate the bathroom very clearly. And it's not wet and dark at all, and it also saves a lot of electricity bills for his family

the small dining room is between the living room and the open kitchen. There is a beige small dining table against the wall, three small chairs, and three red small chandeliers on the top. Mr. Ni said that he rarely invited friends to dinner at home because the table was too small. But this small table is enough for the three of them




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