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Sometimes it's not that we can't sell locks, but that we don't find a good way and stick to it. Recently, I read an article saying that a smart lock dealer insists on sending wechat content every day, and what is there in society...

sometimes it's not that everyone can't sell locks, but that they don't find a good way and stick to it. I recently read an article saying that a smart lock dealer insists on sending wechat content every day, and will engage in a wave of marketing whenever there are hot news and major festivals in the society. Because its price is relatively high, it can still make a lot of profits even after the discount

hot marketing is actually taking advantage of the situation

which gives the author great inspiration. Because everyone knows hot marketing, but what you do is not necessarily more thorough than others. The ancients said that when three people walk, there must be my teacher. Since the advantages of others are very prominent, it is inevitable to learn. For example, the hot marketing we often do is limited to legal holidays or other public holidays, but others are not: for example, if Zhao Liying gets married, she will make a lovelorn price, for example, the price of 1111 will be set for double ten

stars are the concentration of traffic. You can use star events to market.

do you find that people can rub any hot spots? Many dealers who make smart locks don't do much marketing when they put them in stores. At most, they don't sell well or give a discount on holidays. This is very different from the extremely hot marketing. Take the recent crackdown on Huawei as an example, it is entirely possible to engage in a wave of marketing: all friends who buy smart locks in this store, as long as they are Huawei mobile phone users, will be given a 20% discount. See if there are more marketing gimmicks? It not only supports Huawei, an enterprise that Chinese people are proud of, but also can increase sales for itself. Why not

Huangdi intelligent lock A4 is easy to use and strong

of course, hot marketing needs to be coordinated on the line. Just like wechat used in the example I mentioned earlier, hot marketing should be done both offline and online. For most smart lock dealers, wechat has almost no threshold. So as long as you learn more about wechat marketing routines, cooperate with your excellent products and services, and lose no time in hot marketing, as long as you stick to it, it is still easy to get customers

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