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For a long time, the consumption characteristics of the aluminum alloy door and window industry is that there is more one-time investment, the use time is long, and the consumption is based on the "year" as the time unit. For household capital investment, it is a major consumption, with the characteristics of large amount of slow consumption. However, compared with the rising housing prices, today's consumers are more willing to invest in home furnishing. On the basis of paying attention to aesthetics, they also pay more and more attention to the benefits of culture, emotion and spirit. Therefore, "quality consumption" is becoming one of the trends of household consumption such as aluminum alloy doors and windows. In this context, aluminum alloy door and window enterprises need to actively adjust their development direction and undergo multiple changes in order to meet the higher-level needs of consumers

household consumption demand is stable. Aluminum alloy doors and windows enterprises should actively adapt to the market.

the real estate industry has always been the upstream of aluminum alloy doors and windows and other household building materials industries. The number of new houses and existing houses will directly affect the demand of the door and window industry. As a door and window industry with a history of more than ten years, the previous door and window industry always cared about and relied on the trading volume of new houses. Now, with the increase of the proportion of redecoration of existing houses, Door and window enterprises began to gradually reduce their dependence on new houses and turned more attention to the number of existing houses

in 2017, the door and window industry will still be an industry with little change, which is very stable. Because household consumption (decoration, purchase of furniture, accessories) is a real consumption that can be seen and touched. In terms of demand, the household building materials industry such as doors and windows is an eternal industry. Due to the stability of real estate and residential demand, the household building materials industry such as aluminum alloy doors and windows is unlikely to have major fluctuations

although the door and window industry is stable relative to the market demand, and the major door and window enterprises are also actively adapting to the market, with the improvement of consumers' consumption quality, consumption quality and consumption services, and the gradual rise of house prices, aluminum alloy door and window enterprises must start to pay more attention to explore the real user value and speed up product upgrading, so as to meet the growing consumption quantity of consumers and the dual demand for home quality

supply side reform brings policy endorsements. The aluminum alloy door and window industry needs to improve its surplus value.

it is undeniable that in 2016, with the changes in the external market environment and economic environment, the strong and weak in the aluminum alloy door and window industry are facing more pressure. The "supply side reform" proposed by the central government has brought opportunities and policy endorsements to the development of traditional manufacturing industries such as doors and windows. There will be the survival of the fittest in the door and window industry. The best is high-quality enterprises, high-quality products, high-quality services, high-quality ideas, and the worst is low-cost competitive, social resource consuming, and shoddy products

as an excellent enterprise, the first is to have the ability to innovate; Second, products are king. What is the core of a real enterprise to rely on to connect with consumers and society? It is the medium product in the middle, so the product is always the core; Third, the profitability of enterprises is the foundation of business. The home building materials industry such as doors and windows has a demand for capital, but whether it can produce the due benefits after capital injection is the most critical. Capital is the catalyst to maximize value, but more importantly, the core competitiveness of enterprises, profitability, and improving profitability is very important; Fourth, we should pay more attention to all-round services, and high-quality services are also the embodiment and way of consumption added value

in addition, to create the surplus value made in China is also an urgent problem for the door and window industry. The high satisfaction of foreign consumption standards leads to the need to improve the factory standards and acceptance standards of the manufacturing industry. Therefore, China's door and window manufacturing industry should change from "make do" to "pay attention", and then provide "exquisite" products, so as to encourage consumers to place orders

from a macro perspective, deepen the supply side reform; Vigorously revitalize the real economy; Carry forward the spirit of craftsmanship and cultivate century old stores; Protect entrepreneurship and give national treatment to private enterprises; Take the development quality as the core, and strive to improve the profitability of enterprises. These will provide better policy support for the "evolution" of the door and window industry

improving the premium ability of products and thus the profitability of enterprises will be the only way for the development of door and window industry in the era of "quality consumption"

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