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With the real estate boom all over the country, the demand for home decoration materials is also growing rapidly. At present, the demand of doors and windows alone is amazing. The demand of China's door and window market is more than 500 million square meters every year, which is quite

with the real estate boom across the country, the demand for home decoration materials is also growing rapidly. At present, the demand for doors and windows alone is amazing. The annual demand for doors and windows in China is more than 500 million square meters, equivalent to the use of four European markets, and will continue to grow at an annual rate of 11% in the future

due to the large market demand for aluminum alloy doors and windows, the door and window people have a long way to go. If you want to have a foothold and go further in the aluminum alloy door and window industry, you still need scientific and technological innovation, technological change and business model transformation. The door and window brand meizhixuan was founded in 1998. With the continuous development of meizhixuan doors and windows and the improvement of management, it is mainly engaged in sliding doors, side hung doors, sliding windows, side hung windows and sunshine rooms, and can be combined into tens of thousands of different styles from this series to meet the requirements of different customers. It has won the titles of China aluminum alloy door and window brand, vice president of door and window Association, green environmental protection products, consumer favorite brands, etc

1. Material comparison

the materials of local door and window processing plants mostly use recycled aluminum, which is very poor in purity, hardness, toughness and gloss. If the glass tempering degree does not meet the standard, it is easy to hurt people in case of self explosion. The rubber strip is made of ordinary rubber material, which is easy to age and is not environmentally friendly; Most of the insulation strips are made of PVC, which is dense and loose, and easy to deform and age

the aluminum used in the brand selection of doors and windows has a smooth and bright surface, free of aluminum chips, burrs, etc., and its strength and thickness should meet national standards. The glass adopts 3C certified tempered insulating glass, which is safe and has good sound insulation effect. Environmental friendly EPDM tape is used, which has better sealing and heat resistance; The insulation strip is made of high-quality nylon glue, which has good stability, environmental protection, not easy to deform, and good weather resistance

2. Production process comparison

the original cutting equipment and production and assembly equipment are used for locally processed doors and windows, and the products produced are rough, especially the corner position. There is a lack of skilled workers, especially when assembling and applying glass glue, which is not beautiful enough; The layout design of doors and windows is unscientific, and the waterproof design and air tightness treatment are poor

the production equipment selected by the brand beauty of doors and windows are more advanced equipment at home and abroad, with high precision and efficiency. They are good at cultivating talents, and the product details are more delicate. Meizhixuan doors and windows pay attention to the improvement of product design and performance, and have stronger technology and problem-solving ability

3. Hardware accessories comparison

most locally processed aluminum alloy doors and windows use domestic unknown hardware accessories, which are prone to rust, fracture, rapid wear and other quality problems

the hardware accessories used by meizhixuan, a brand of doors and windows, are all in cooperation with famous hardware accessories such as Germany siglia, Germany hope, Germany G-U (lattice house), Germany roto, which are safe, reliable, durable, good hand feel, smooth push and pull, including high requirements for fixed screws. Hinges, door handles, locks, pulleys and other hardware accessories are the key to imported high quality and ensure the service life of aluminum alloy doors

4. Service comparison

most of the locally processed aluminum alloy doors and windows win at low prices, and there is no complete after-sales system and service awareness at all. Many of them are even mobile operations. When they need maintenance, they can't find someone or pass the buck

the door and window brand meizhixuan franchise store has a strict service system, from door-to-door gauge installation to after-sales maintenance, one-stop service, to help customers solve maintenance problems at any time. Customer satisfaction is the purpose of our service




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