Zhongheng small cabinet is fully launched, and inv

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Zhongheng small cabinet mode is fully launched, and it is urgent to seize business opportunities! Zhongheng small cabinet is a derivative model of Zhongheng exclusive store strategy. Small investment and large return, the opportunity is right in front of you

official announcement

Zhongheng cabinet is fully online

Zhongheng cabinet

is a derivative model of Zhongheng franchise store strategy

small investment, big return

if you are a dealer in the building materials industry

join Zhongheng cabinet/display cabinet for free

you can add a profit point of intelligent lock project on the basis of the original store

improve the operating income of the store

improve the profitability of the store

priority investment object:

wooden doors, security doors Doors and windows and other industries

brand stores dealers

Zhongheng small cabinet mode

full launch

seize business opportunities urgently

wealth is in front of you

franchise consulting





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