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Generally, after the decoration is completed, you should prepare for the check-in, among which the purchase of household appliances is an essential work. It is not easy to choose the right one among the numerous and complicated household appliance brands. What are the strategies for home appliance purchase? Now let's introduce how to choose the right home appliances. Let's have a look

first of all, we should make a list of home appliances to see what we need and what is necessary. The next step is to make a budget. Now let's take a look at the strategy of purchasing the most complete household appliances

first, collect data

before we buy furniture and household appliances, we need to understand some brand and product information, make full preparations, and shop more, see more, ask more, and compare more. In addition, you can not only learn about it in physical stores, but also visit online shopping malls to give yourself another choice

second, comparative evaluation

now there are many newspapers and books that report and introduce various products. You can choose to understand the views and evaluations of various aspects of the product. This can let you know what kind of product you want. Or there are friends around who have used or know the product. Learn more about the product and brand information from them

III. seeing the real products on site

is the most critical step towards your success. You can decide which one to buy by comparing different brands and models. Try more samples placed, and you may find some small problems

IV. recognize the relevant certification

when purchasing various small household appliances, you must first see whether there is “ 3C” The certification mark, because the relevant departments of the state do not have a standard system for the small household appliance market at present, causes the small household appliance market to be mixed, and all kinds of inferior goods appear frequently. Therefore, when purchasing such small household appliances, we must see the relevant signs clearly to avoid being deceived

v. look at the essence through the phenomenon

some businesses will pretend to be sophisticated. Give the product an unfathomable name, or take some strange names to make the product covered with high-tech colors, or even simply use a foreign name, so that consumers are confused. At this time, we need to see the essence through the phenomenon to prevent being fooled by these unreal things

VI. inspection, inspection, re inspection

after a lot of hard work, we finally want to buy our beloved home appliances. At this time, we should not lose our after-sales service at special prices and check the outer packaging of the products

the following editor will share the shopping strategies of various household appliances in detail, hoping to help you

digital TV purchase: when consumers buy digital TV, they must first determine the size you want to buy; Secondly, there are brands. Each brand has its own focus and positioning, and the price is also very different; The third is price. Every penny counts. Don't blindly trust the lowest price; The fourth is after-sales service. In addition, we should also care about whether it is a high-definition TV, whether it has an HDMI interface, etc

air conditioner purchase: before buying an air conditioner, the first problem is to determine the model: how much should the refrigerating capacity be, and what is the appropriate energy efficiency level? When determining the number of air conditioners to be purchased, we should not only consider the area of the room (for example, if the room is less than 16 square meters, it should be equipped with 1 hanging machine, if the room is 16 ~ 20 square meters, it should be equipped with 1.5p hanging machine, and if the room is 21 ~ 37 square meters, it should be equipped with 2p cabinet machine), but also consider the orientation and air circulation of the room

refrigerator purchase: there are some key points that must be paid attention to when purchasing refrigerators. First, in the selection of volume, generally prepare 70-80 liters of usable volume for each family member, and then make corresponding adjustments according to living habits, economic conditions, housing area, etc. The second is to look at the energy efficiency label of the refrigerator, which divides the energy consumption of the refrigerator into five levels from 1 to 5. Only when the energy consumption standard reaches above level 2, it belongs to energy-saving products, and those below level 5 are not allowed to be sold

washing machine purchase: to buy a washing machine, first of all, you should decide whether to choose a wave wheel or a drum. Experts say that both have their own advantages. Which one to choose depends on your own situation. For example, if there are many woolen and silk clothes, it is recommended to choose a drum washing machine. In addition, it should also be noted that since March 1, the domestic electric washing machines with a rated washing capacity of 1 kg to 13 kg sold on the market must be labeled with energy efficiency labels, and those without labels are not allowed to be sold

electric water heater: the selection of electric water heater is based on safety, price and energy saving. The first premise is to ensure that the liner is watertight for long-term use. In addition, there should be anti dry burning, anti overtemperature and anti overpressure devices. High grade ones also have leakage protection, automatic disconnection without water and power-off indication functions. In addition, water heaters with different volumes should be selected according to housing conditions and usage habits

gas stoves: first of all, you should know what gas you use in your home. Different gas should be used in different stoves. At present, there are many kinds of gas stoves on the market, which can be purchased according to their respective economic conditions and hobbies. When purchasing, if the stoves still have the phenomena of de ignition (the phenomenon that the flame leaves all or part of the burner fire hole), tempering (the phenomenon that the flame burns inside the burner) and flame yellowing after debugging, it indicates that the stoves have quality problems

conclusion: This is the introduction of the strategy of home appliance purchase. I hope it can help you. If you want to know more about it, you can pay attention to the information




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