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Whether it is rough room or hardbound room, house inspection is a very important thing. House inspection is the household head's personal control over the quality of the house. If the house inspection is not complete and careful, the quality problems of the house in the future will be caused by himself

I. acceptance criteria for blank houses

blank houses are the preliminary formation of houses, and to what extent should the blank houses handed over by the developers to the owners be qualified? That is, what are the acceptance standards for the blank room

1. All the exterior finishes of the blank room, including the exterior finishes of the balcony and rain cover, should be completed according to the design documents

2. The public parts, public facilities, various pipelines (water supply, drainage, rainwater, heating, heating), electrical equipment (distribution box, cabinet, panel, socket, switch, lamp) of the blank room should be completely decorated according to the design documents. How can the decoration save money? Home decoration network, free design budget quotation. And complete the test items as required

3. All pipes in the blank room shall be subject to water supply, pressure test, ball pass test, heating thermal commissioning and other acceptance work

4. The roof engineering project of the blank house has completed the water storage and sprinkling tests

5. The floor of the room with waterproof requirements in the blank room should be planned in strict accordance with the building requirements of the waterproof layer and protective layer, and two water storage tests should be carried out during the acceptance to ensure no leakage

II. Acceptance sequence of blank room

1 Look at the exterior first: check the facade, exterior wall tiles and coatings, unit doors, and corridors

2. Re check the interior: check the door, door, window, ceiling, wall, ground, wall tile, floor tile, water supply and drainage, waterproof and water storage, strong and weak electricity, heating, gas, ventilation, smoke exhaust and exhaust one by one

3. Adjacent to the rear side: the closed water storage test, idle water meter and other issues must be coordinated with the neighbors upstairs and downstairs

III. acceptance items of blank room

1 Net area measurement, bay depth and clear height measurement

2 Floor hollowing, cracks, and sanding inspection

3 Wall hollowing, cracks, crazing, ash explosion, flatness, internal and external corner inspection

4 The installation quality of doors and windows and the inspection of accessories: the door and window project is related to the living safety of the owner. When the owner checks the house, he should not only carefully check whether the profile is consistent with the contract, but also mainly check the flexibility of door and window closure, sealing, whether the parts are short and damaged, etc

5. Circuit insulation and grounding test: in addition to checking that there is no problem with the electric switch, switch and circuit, we should also do a good job in circuit insulation and grounding test to ensure the safety of household electricity

6. Quality inspection of water supply and drainage installation: the acceptance of water supply and drainage works in the blank room is mainly to check the standardization of the installation of cold and hot drainage pipes, the tightness of the joints of water supply pipes, and whether there is water leakage; In addition, whether the water meter, floor drain and drainage pipe are unobstructed also needs special attention

7. Check the annexes and supporting facilities of the house purchase contract




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