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"The house has just been delivered recently and is ready for decoration. I don't know how much it costs to decorate a 90 square meter house with two bedrooms and one living room?" Recently, Ms. Liu, who lives in Hankou, posted a post for help at the Wuhan Decoration Forum. How much does it cost to decorate a 90 square meter house in Wuhan at present? Recently, a number of owners called to consult the editor. Now let's take a look at the 90 square meter decoration budget list of Wuhan with the editor of Wuhan home decoration network. After reading it, it won't cost any money

list of decoration materials for 90 square meters (detailed and complete version):

decoration materials are divided into two parts: one is outdoor materials, and the other is indoor materials. Indoor materials are further divided into five types: solid materials, plates, sheets, profiles and wires. Solid material, also known as raw material, mainly refers to logs and logs made. The commonly used logs are Chinese fir, Korean pine, elm, Manchurian ash, camphor, basswood, and the more valuable ones are rosewood, beech, oak, etc. The timbers used in the decoration are mainly made of fir, and other timbers are mainly used for supporting furniture and carved accessories

(1) Wuhan 90 square meter decoration budget list: living room and bedroom building materials

floor tiles, paint, skirting line, floor, coating, gypsum line, laminate, blockboard, gypsum board, fir strip, multilayer board, single pressing plate, fireproof board, nail, wood line, door, skirting line, integrated ceiling, aluminum plastic gusset plate (key)


main lights, spotlights, floor lamps


curtains Furniture decoration pictures


curtain slide, door lock, door stopper, hinge, switch panel, power socket, TV socket, air conditioning socket

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