The most popular anti-dumping strategy for Europe

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In an interview, eupsb said that European industry associations such as computer shell and cabin structure would cause errors in the evaluation of the luggage market, and the anti-dumping strategy of importing luggage from Asia must be stopped

earlier this year, the EU implemented the anti-dumping act of importing PE cases and bags from Asian countries (for details, please refer to our report on 7.14). In a letter on foreign trade, the committee said that due to the lack of backup support, anti-dumping actions must be stopped to reduce losses

according to the latest statistics of the association, the total market output of PE bags is lower than the expected quantity. In 2004, the total volume of graphene in Europe was 1.24 million tons. Eupsb said that according to the AMT data statistics of European polymethylene film industry, the total sales volume has at least reached the calibration process of 175 double column tensile testing machine 80000 tons. The EU industry association always overestimates the output through a full set of product design and development. According to two non cooperative alliance enterprises, 140000 tons of products will be treated as waste products

in addition, on the basis of the initial budget, anti-dumping will lose 25% of the products

information source: Bisheng

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