The most popular antistatic agent market in Europe

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It is estimated that the European antistatic agent market will have an annual growth rate of 2.5%. In terms of application, it is mainly used in the treatment process of polystyrene, ABS and other styrene based polymers. Because the order of the extruder enterprise will be greatly recovered and has the effect of lubrication, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish it from the lubricant. This year and next, the antistatic agent market in North America will grow by about 4%, mostly used in electronic household appliances and food packaging materials. From the perspective of antistatic agents, ethylamine is mostly used in polyolefins as electronic equipment packaging; Quaternary amine compounds are often used in PVC, such as industrial conveyor belts, magnetic packaging and bottles; Fatty acids but esters are mostly used for internal antistatic of polyolefins. Antistatic agents are widely used in the processing of plastics. In the next few years, industry insiders and experts suggest that more measures should be taken to maintain the growth momentum in this market in Europe and the United States

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